[thelist] Re: CSS fluid design

maurice maurice at graciebarra.be
Fri Jan 11 18:02:39 CST 2002

The w3c definitions? They explain what browsers _should_ display.

If you'd rather have something explaining what the browsers of today do and
don't do, try http://www.webreview.com/style/css1/charts/mastergrid.shtml.
It's a compatibility chart of every possible css tag and wether or not it
works in all the possible browsers.

Making a definite list of why certain browsers are displaying things the way
they do is really impossible, or at least a task you wouldn't want to do.
And as far as I know nobody has done it.


on 11-01-2002 20:51, josh at evolt at efeingold.com wrote:

> Maybe I should clarify what I am looking for...
> I am looking for an explaination of CSS layout that takes the time to
> explain the logic connecting the code to what the browser displays.  Why are
> certain divs dispaying under each other, etc.
> Thanks,
> Josh 

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