[thelist] Stupid Question re finder.dat

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Jan 13 21:00:05 CST 2002

Hi, Steve --

Somebody else will probably have a more complete answer, but those are 
Macintosh system files. If the previous developer gave you disk with a 
copy of his/her local development folder, and he/she was on a Mac, and 
you're on Windows, you'll see them. You don't need them unless you're 
going to mount that folder on a Mac.

Anne and Steve Millington wrote:

> Sorry, I bet this is indeed stupid, but be kind, okay?
> I've inherited a site that has a bunch of files scattered throughout the 
> directories, with the names FINDER.DAT and RESOURCE.FRK.  What are 
> these? Some sort of system or editing software- generated files for 
> keeping track of relative paths or something?  Can I get rid of them, or 
> move them around from desktop to server without consequence?
> I just dunno what they are.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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