[thelist] PNG and alpha channel ?

Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 00:32:20 CST 2002

--- Liorean <Liorean at user.bip.net> wrote:
> At 16:46 2002-01-20 -0800, Lachlan Cannon wrote:
> >I can't help but wonder why you would need transparency
> in
> >a background image?
> To get the background image of an area of the screen to
> show through the 
> document background for example? It makes for a nice
> effect.

Pardon? Maybe it's just me, but I don't unmderstand that

> Also, try making a background colour changing script with
> a 
> semi-transparent png in Mozilla and you'll see how good
> an effect you can get.

Ok, it's nicer to be able to have one picture there, but if
you're going to the effort of changing the background, you
mayaswell change the background picture too. It's not that
much harder.

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