[thelist] cflock reads?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Jan 21 14:28:43 CST 2002

>  reads:
>   <cflock scope="session" type="readonly"
>          timeout="10" throwontimeout="no">
>   <cfset foo = session.foo>
>   </cflock>

jeff, could you please explain why locking this read is necessary?

if you ask the server for a value, are there cases where you *don't* get
the value?

is this why the read has to be locked?  if so, what do you get instead????

are you protecting yourself from updates to the value *during* the read?

if so, who could be updating the value *while* you're reading it?  okay, i
can see how it could be another user on an application variable, but i
thought the *session* variable belongs only to this user?  why does that
have to be locked?

you gotta admit this is an extremely counter-intuitive thing to do


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