[thelist] We Need A Website Update Procedure Tip

AtdtXav atdtxav at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 08:21:25 CST 2002

This depends on the size of your company.  I would suggest a
content management system with version control and permissions. 
It also depends on your structure.  For instance, many people
have to send their copy through Legal before putting it online,
which can turn into a bottleneck.  

Your question about "who is responsible for authorizing content
and when"  doesn't make much sense unless you specify what can
of authority is necessary.  Marketing, Legal, and the Web group
all need to work together to each give their own kind of
'authority' to a particular update.

New product release dates should coincide with web documentation
 update, and that should be written into the product release
schedule.  Again, if that product has a manager they would
likely sign off on it, but if you aren't structured that way it
may have to go through multiple departments.

To come up with the most efficient procedure, you really have to
know your own company and its methods.  The one thing I can
easily suggest is that you pick a regular set of dates (even if
they have to be arbitrary) for site review to check for outdated
information or a product that isn't marketed online or anything
similar.  All this may be moot if you have a small website.

I look back on this and wonder if this will be any use to you at
all.  *throws hands up*  I hope so.


--- Sylvia Braunstein <sbraun at rugged.com> wrote:
> We are looking for information on what procedures you use to
> keep your
> websites updated with valid and authorized
> information.
> In other words we are looking for tried and true procedures
> for adding
> news flashes, releases, new products, brochures and
> so on.
> Who is responsible for authorizing what, and how often?
> Are there special procedures written in stone?
> We  would like to be more efficient over here and any input
> would be
> sincerely welcome.
> Thank you,

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