[thelist] Konqueror web browser questions

Jon jon at kickinsites.com
Tue Jan 22 13:53:35 CST 2002

Hi All

I have a new client who wants his web site compatible for Konqueror for
Linux. I don't know much about Linux and had not heard of this browser
before he told me about it. I have looked on the Konqueror web site
(http://www.konqueror.org) and have seen some information that concerns me
regarding compatibility with Flash (he wants a Splash page) and Javascript.

The site has the following information regarding Flash:

"Why does Konqueror crash on every page with Flash ?

"This is a result of a clashing symbol in both the flash plugin and the
XFree86 libGLU (OpenGL utility lib). Upon closing an embedded flash view,
the wrong function is called which heavily corrupts memory and leads to
either immediately or delayed crashes, lockups and worse.

"The only solution that is currently known is either to install Qt without
OpenGL support or to not use the Flash plugin. You can't combine both until
this symbol clash is somehow solved. Unfortunately we cannot do much about
this issue, unless Macromedia is willing to help."

And the following information for Javascripts:

"Why does Konqueror 2.2 crash on every page with Javascript?

"There are two cases where this is known to happen:

"If you're using the SuSE i686 RPM's of KDE2.2 release you will experience
that almost every page with Javascript either does not work or crashes
Konqueror. This is a bug in the objprelinking that was used to build the
RPMs. Please use the non-experimentally marked RPMs instead, they will work.

"Please STOP REPORTING BUGS if you use these RPMs!

"If you see a message about an undefined symbol on the konsole output, you
hit the binutils bug. Exact reason for this is unknown, but upgrading to a
recent binutils (>= 2.10) and recompiling kjs helped in every case up to
now. If you installed from RPM you shouldn't be affected."

Since I know so little about Linux I don't don't understand the jargon being
used. Are the situations where these crashes would happen common to
Konqueror users? Or are these something akin to rare configurations? (Or am
I even asking the right questions?)

Also, how standards compliant is Konqueror? Are there any quirks I need to
worry about?

Lastly, does anybody on this list (who has actually stuck around to read
this entire post) use Konqueror?

As always, Thanks in advance for the help.


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