[thelist] Java Applets - More Secure?

Chris Blessing webguy at mail.rit.edu
Tue Jan 22 22:15:55 CST 2002

Well I know Java has some nice built-in security features, mostly to keep
your classes secure, but I've never seen/done any tests on this type of
thing.  And yes, you're paranoid, we don't block applets and I've luckily
never been where they were blocked. =)

(does your company allow incoming email attachments? if so, they might as
well not have a firewall)

Chris Blessing
webguy at mail.rit.edu

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Hi Evolters,

Question on the use of Java applets.  I've recently been
told that Java applets enable highler levels of security
(they weren't clear whether it was at the browser,
transmission or server).  Is this true?

Also, I know that we block java applets at our firewall for
security reasons - is this a widespread practice or are we
just being paranoid?



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