[thelist] Browser usage stats

Andrew Clover and at doxdesk.com
Wed Jan 23 09:01:21 CST 2002

> All these sites seem to indicate that NN4 users 
> account for around 4% of total visits, with IE way, way in the lead.

I'm seeing *much* higher levels of N4 at our company's site - still at
about 12-13% since the start of the year. Germany (maybe Switzerland too?)
still seems to have a lot of N4. Partly this is likely to be because of
our corporate customers' reliance on old Unix installs (which their IT
departments seem very loathe ever to update), but it's probably also due
to all those nasty old T-Online installations everyone uses around here.

So as always, "it depends". I'm happy going pure-CSS for my personal
projects, but for our company site at least, looking good on Netscape 4
is still an issue. Damnit.

Andrew Clover
mailto:and at doxdesk.com

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