[thelist] Browser usage stats

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Wed Jan 23 10:37:38 CST 2002

>> I'm trying to add hidden input fields to a form on a layer using the 
>> DOM.
> Oh. That's going to be tricky indeed, seeing as Netscape (and Opera, and
> other older browsers) can't add elements to a page (other than adding
> <option>s to a <select>, which isn't quite the same). Could it not be
> rewritten to use a single hidden field with all the data in?

That's how we're doing it at the moment, but we're trying to get away 
from concatenating so much data into one variable. We use %01 and %02 as 
delimiters and then have to go through the laborious task of splitting 
the field value up again at the server before doing any "real" 
assessment of the variables.

At the moment, we have to parse all the form data - more than fifty 
fields with the potential of several hundred kB of data - twice on each 
request; once to concatenate (using Javascript) and once to split (using 
server side means).

Anyone know now why I want to exclude NN4 users?

Mark Howells

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