[thelist] Advice/help on drop-down menus for IE4.5 for Mac

Michael Knepher mknepher at bluethingy.com
Wed Jan 23 11:05:41 CST 2002

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 08:53, Mark Howells wrote:
> > a navigation bar with
> > drop-down menus. On most of the browsers I've tested it on, the menus
> > work great, but the only one that's not fully supported is the one most
> > commonly used by the church staff - IE 4.5 for Mac.
> >
> > The site is accessible at http://www.bluethingy.com/mknepher/stjames/
> I'd suggest either disabling the pulldown menus with browser detection 
> (allowing users to click directly on the top level menu options) or 
> finding another script; the ones at <http://www.dhtmlcentral.com/> are 
> quite good.

I'll take a look there.
> I love the layout and visual design of the site but found a problem in 
> that in IE5.1 on Mac, resizing the window after loading means that the 
> "pulldown" menu options don't line up with the top level menu options 
> any more. (There are a lot of broken links too, but I guess that the 
> site is under construction.)

Sorry, should have noted that only two sub-pages are currently up
(worship and adult ministry). I'll have to look into the resizing issue
too, I guess. I'd appreciate having any other Mac-related quirks pointed

> Regards
> Mark Howells
> <http://www.mark.ac/evl>
> (PS - I'm sure that there's some kind of joke in there involving 
> evangelism and browser upgrades, but it may be in poor taste.)

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