[thelist] server side page push to every nth user?

Kevin D. White nonzero at well.com
Wed Jan 23 14:51:33 CST 2002

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Would be easier to just create and incement a counter in a server
Store the counter in a flat file or a db somewhere.  That way
everytime the server script is processed the counter get's

Total HTTP request count would be the wrong way to go since every
page element (HTML, Javascript file, CSS file, Image,....) requires a
seperate request.  And you'd have to watch every request.

This can be done pretty easily in any server script language. 
Regardless of platform.  Just look up terms like: ODBC, File Read,
File Write, Database Insert Record, Database Select Record.

Another way would be to forget about counting and just use a random
number generator to determine if the pop-up is served or not.  This
could be done client or server side.  Just check into Random or Rand
functions for your favorite scripting language.

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> Does anybody know how I might pop-up a page to every nth user based
> on the total number of http requests to the web server. I would
> like to do this pop-up purely from a server side point of view, no
> javascript in the page. I know I am not specifying server type, but
> I'll take what I can, IIS or Apache would be fine.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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