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Kevin D. White nonzero at well.com
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Sorry about that.  I realized my error right after I hit send.  
No more posts before my latte is finished.  I promise.

<tip type="flash">
    Many developers make the mistake of assuming that a Flash
animation will perform the same on all supported platforms.  This is
often not true.  While HTML & Javascript developers are primarily
concerned with browser performance, Flash developers need to be aware
of overall system performance as well.  Different video hardware,
drivers, and system architectures can dramatically effect Flash
animation performance.  I once had a Flash developer work 40 hours on
a piece only to discover post-delivery that it would crash on any
Win32 laptop with an ATI card of 8meg VRAM or less.

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> Chris & Kevin (and everyone else who is guilty),
> Please, please trim the "Original Messages" in your replies. 
> Thank you,
- -joshua

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