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Thu Jan 24 23:56:00 CST 2002

evolt.org headlines for 24-JAN-02

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News: Monson announces design contest winners (Author: aericks)

I've been eagerly waiting to see the winners of this contest which
allowed just anyone to submit snowboard designs online. They
apparently received over one thousand submissions and have just
announced the winners. The winning boards look beautiful.

Code: Handy Little Perl Script (Author: jesteruk)

A little snippet of code that will help when using Perl for CGI.
Sticks all GET/query string, POST and cookie information into scalar
variables matching their input names so you don't have to fiddle
around to get at them, like in PHP.

Jobs: Buffalo Web Design Coordinator/Programmer (Author: kristyfrey)

University at Buffalo Development and Alumni Relations seeks a
professional to lead its Web-utilization initiatives and provide
programming support for its business applications.

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