[thelist] Scrolling table cells

Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 06:56:00 CST 2002

--- Jobarr <jobarr at herzeleid.com> wrote:
> I know that it can not be really done with regular HTML
> alone, but I have
> seen table cells which were scrolled by other methods.
> Can someone point me to a site that explains how to do
> this, explain it to
> me directly, or suggest an alternate way of doing it?

Well, if you're prepared to use a div and css, you can cut
out the js reliance altogether, and have it backwards
compatible, in that older browsers will simply display it
all going down like they normally would, instead of
scrolling, meaning everyones happy and can get to the

Just create a <div> and then give it a height and width and
a value of overflow: scroll; the only thing you don't get
is fancy scrollbars, but IMHO this method is a lot better
and more accessible.



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