[thelist] freezing IE 5.5

webmaster at menouno.com webmaster at menouno.com
Fri Jan 25 18:43:00 CST 2002

Hi Listers;

I'm touching up a small & light site (in Italian) I volunteered for a non-profit
association. I run into trouble with the very last page,

It freezes IE 5.5 dead, apparently after its starts drawing the border around the
main content DIV.

It's plain HTML 4.01 transitional (validated) plus CSS1 (still to be cleaned up, but it
validates CSS1 no problem, with a little :hover license).

Nothing too complicated, this weird acting page has some text and a form,
following exactly the same model used in other pages.

I really don't know where to look.

The site is not active yet, the homepage is
http://www.assopeterpan.org/ingresso.html and the freezing link is at the very end
of the last paragraph. On the internal pages' navbar, it's the one at the end, on the

Help, please....

have a great week-end


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