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Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Sat Jan 26 08:40:00 CST 2002

the head lemur wrote:

>The KVM switch is important for running multiple PC's with Windows OS's as
>windows does not run "headless" unlike Linux.
I am currently running a win2000 server for my home network "headless".
 The trick is to get hold of a free program called VNC (Virtual Network
Computing).  It can be found here: www.uk.research.att.com/vnc

This means that the server only requires a power supply and a network
connection.  We have just started to roll out new PCs @ work and are
amazed with the ease of using VNC over the current system which used a
commercial package that we are still having problems with and never
really got working correctly.

VNC also works on a linux box and will allow connection from either a
client program (available for most platforms) or a built in http
interface that uses a java applet.

With a bit of playing around, it is even possible to hook up a PalmOS
device to a VNC PC to take control of the desktop.

Michael Pemberton
mpember at phreaker.net
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