[thelist] How to keep a forum good and clean

Jason Lustig lustig at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sun Jan 27 20:55:01 CST 2002

>Any ideas of how to best maintain controle of what is being posted? Am I
>just being paranoid, and should I just write the darn thing and see how
>it goes?

Well, I help run part of a community site (it works off of a *giant* messge
board), where people submit stories, and they are reviewed, and the good
ones are "published", so to speak, and readers can comment on the stories.
This is how we work the comments:

You don't need to register to make a comment, but you can if you want to...
and if you're logged in when you make your comment, you can "sign" it so
taht people know that it's actually you who made the comment and not an
imposter trying to deface your name.

In terms of control, what we do is have it email our email list whenever a
comment is made with the text of the comment and some links to the moderator
functions, so that if we need to clean it up, we can do it fairly quickly.


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