[thelist] from jsp to php: feasability

Aaron Johnson ajlist at mindseye.com
Mon Jan 28 12:02:00 CST 2002

> First we're on permanent redevelopment, so anyway recompiling all the
> classes is tedious.
-- everyone is! :)  And recompiling is tedious... but there are tools
that'll do it for you... check out a couple links...

First, take a look at the websphere documentation:

Then, run over to the jakarta site and take a look @ ant:




Defintely take a close look at using ant in your environment, great

> I'm beginning to think that java is not the most flexible language, webwise.
-- I think Java is a great language webwise. It certainly isn't as easy
as using something like ColdFusion, but then ColdFusion has limits..
There really aren't limits to what you can accomplish using Java.


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