[thelist] differences in alt vs. title attributes and <h#> tags

Polina Grinbaum polina at polination.net
Mon Jan 28 16:42:01 CST 2002

I disagree with this argument. the text-color method of disgunishing links
"works" (I have issues with it) because it uses the same model as the
underline.  There is a consistent color that says "this is a link". By using
underlines to denote something other than a link you are tossing that model
out the window. This would be the same as making bold red your link color
throughout the site and then using that for error messages .

on a more personal note: A close friend of mine does a lot of research using
small home-made sites he has added underlined headers to the top of his
personal web pet peeves.

> I've heard the argument about underlined text being considered a link. I'm
> not sure that I personally agree with that. I say that because being an
> experienced user of the web, I have learned not to expect all things
> underlined to be a link especially when many sites are using
> text-decoration: none; then the text color acts as an indicator that there
> is a link.

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