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>Hey Listees :
>There was a question about Forums/Message boards on here, so I thought that
>I might chime in. As far as cross-language compatibility is concerned, the
>only one that I can voice an opinion about is phpnuke (and its various
>variants). You need php, and mysql to get it going, but after that, its
>completely self-contained. It has a multi-lingual option (which changes
>dynamically), and user-defineable language packs/files (which are easy to
>create for different languages). The download comes with quite a few
>predefined lanugage files (including arabic). So I imagine hebrew is not
>that difficult to implement. All concievable options are administrable via
>the web, so you could, install it once, and then admin it from anywhere
>you have a net link. The install can be a bit confusing, and you have to
>it right or else the whole shindig goes down faster than you can say
>Oh, and before I forget, its free and open-source (PHP).
>Here are a few links :
>http://www.myphpnuke.org < a variant.
>There are various other php/mysql forums/storytelling/weblog combos out
>there, so a quick google might not hurt.
>If you need help installing it, feel free to email me offlist, and I'll be
>glad to help you out.
>Burhan Khalid
><tip type="HTML Authoring" author="Burhan Khalid">
>When writing HTML, it helps if you indent your
>tags. Especially your table elements (<td>, <tr>, etc.)
>This comes in handy when your table doesn't appear as it
>is intended, you can just see which tag is missing
>its binary pair. This will greatly reduce your scroll time.
>The same concept also applies to { } pairs (often used in programming).
><tip type="Script Authoring" author="Burhan Khalid">
>When scripting for screen output, don't forget your
>flow control tags. This comes in handy when you are
>trying to debug a script's output. Instead of having
>one long line of html, you will have a nicely formatted
>html that you can decipher. Using this with the previous
>tip will not only make you an effecient coder, but will
>reduce your debug time, and get you praise from
>other fellow coders who happen to read your work
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