[thelist] Cancelling onKeyDown in Netscape 6

Matt Feldman mfeldman at wwwood.net
Tue Jan 29 11:32:01 CST 2002

I'm trying to stop the typing of text to enforce a maxlength on a
textarea by returning false to an onKeyDown.  It works fine in IE and
NN4 but Netscape 6 seems to ignore it.

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From: "Michael Pemberton" <pemberton_m at hotmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [thelist] Cancelling onKeyDown in Netscape 6
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:37:51 +1100
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What are you attempting to stop?  I ask because there are a few
depending on the purpose to be achieved.

For example, if you want to stop the selection of test, the ontextselect
method is the one your needing.

>From: "Matt Feldman" <mfeldman at wwwood.net>
>Reply-To: thelist at lists.evolt.org
>To: <thelist at lists.evolt.org>
>Subject: [thelist] Cancelling onKeyDown in Netscape 6
>Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 16:49:18 -0800
>Does anyone know how to cancel an onKeyDown event for a textarea (or
>other form element) in Netscape 6?

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