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DESCHAMPS Stéphane DvSI/SICoR stephane.deschamps at francetelecom.com
Wed Jan 30 03:28:01 CST 2002

> [mailto:thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org]De la part de Kevin B. O'Brien
> >Careful, though: last time I used it, it didn't position the
> menus as it
> >should in IE4.5/Mac.
> >I had to turn to hierMenus.
> Well, coolmenus is free, and hierMenus would cost $1495, so
> in my case the
> choice is obvious.<g>

Excuse me?????

I've never seen anywhere on the site that you have to pay for hierMenus and
have used it on commercial sites for the previous company I worked for.

If anyone's got information as per PAYING for hierMenus I'm willing to read
I don't want to steal code or not pay for it if it's not allowed.

s t e f [ n o t a - b e n e . o r g ]

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