[thelist] DIV visibility on Timer?

Matt mspiegler at lightbulbpress.com
Wed Jan 30 10:21:01 CST 2002

I'd love to see that. It's not for a commercial site, well, not really, its
actually for a pro bono project I'm doing for a community arts organization
with zero budget, so I couldn't pay for it. If you dont want to post it,
I'll understand.



Mark Howells wrote:

> I have the (cross browser v4 - v6, cross platform) code for this already
> written (including CSS)  - if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll
> put it online.
> Regards
> Mark Howells
> <http://www.mark.ac/evl>
> Am Mittwoch den, 30. Januar 2002, um 15:46, schrieb Matt:
> > Here's the simple (not!) effect I'm trying to create. You click on a
> > button, triggering a slide show consisting of layers, which reveal
> > themselves at set intervals of time. This could also be done if it had
> > to with a swap image script as long as it could be timed. So for
> > instance, when you clicked the button, Div1 (or gif1) would appear, 5
> > seconds would pass, then Div2 would appear, 5 seconds, then Div3 etc.
> >
> > If anyone could help me with this I would be *really* grateful. And if
> > it were x-browser I'd in heaven.
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