[thelist] menu system

William Kolean williamkolean at mac.com
Wed Jan 30 13:22:01 CST 2002

I've also had a lot of success with Xavier's DHTML Menu Builder - one nice
feature is that if you attach your menus to images, the menus can stay with
the images, even if the images move around the page. Also, you can edit the
code that DMB produces so you can tailor it to your needs - including
removing code for features you aren't using and making the file size a
little lighter or creating your own plugins to extend or change
functionality. Finally, the support from Xavier is first-rate - he spent a
lot of his personal time working with me to customize DMB to produce code
that will automatically hide form elements when using NS4.


> I have tried out several dhtml menu systems, and I am currently using dhtml
> menu builder from Xavier Flix http://software.xfx.net/mainindex.htm which
> has a decent UI and produces truly cross-platform code, albeit in the order
> of about 20k compressed. The final code is split into IE and NS versions
> loaded on detect, and the great thing is you hang on to your original
> project so it's easy to add more items later on.  I've used it on four sites
> now and had no user issues. It is about $50. Xavier's site also has some
> lovely buttons using css and javascript.

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