[thelist] Compatibility between Mac, Linux, XP

Jon jon at kickinsites.com
Thu Jan 31 12:03:06 CST 2002

Sorry for the previous message with the messed up subject line.

Hi Everybody,

Until this point I have had small Clients and have been ftp'ing web site
files to their web host's servers.

Now I have a Client who wants the files delivered on CD's. He has a Linux
server running Apache and an XP running MS IIS as Intranet Web Servers. I
have a Mac that I do my work on.

For this job he is looking at a simple Splash page done with Flash (I know -
and agree -with a lot of the arguments against "useless" Splash pages but he
has made his decision) and future HTML, etc. pages.

Are there any compatibility issues involved with building the various files
on the Mac, burning a CD and loading them on to his Servers? If so what
options do I have to overcome those issues?

Neither of us is sure how this will work and we want to iron this out before
we ink the deal.


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