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Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Fri Feb 1 15:19:01 CST 2002

There is a kid who wrote a rather nice forum system in Hebrew using PHP. You
might want to contact him at http://www.raful.co.il

Another PHP based one is used in http://www.guides.co.il - it is a very nice
translation of an English one (sorry, forgot the name).

For a different approach, check out the one in use at
http://www.haayal.co.il , http://www.fisheye.co.il and
http://www.sf-f.org.il - all three are using the same system, which is the
best I have seen so far- Hebrew or English. It is not free though. It has
been written by Tal Cohen, which has been very responsive to request. You
can contact him at http://www.forum2.org/tal

If you want asp, http://www.aspcode.co.il has a free one. A heavily modified
version is in use at http://www.exego.net

http://www.fresh.co.il uses a perl based one, but I do not know where they
got it from. You might want to contact the webmaster there and ask.

Hope that helps.

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> Hello,
> Can anyone recommend message boards (forums) that are stable and provide
> easy design modifications (possibly through templates) ... Also, the board
> will need to be able to support another language - Hebrew.
> TIA.
> Roy Rubin
> roy at irubin.com

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