[thelist] PHP help required please

Dave Stevens stem at stemofficial.co.uk
Sun Feb 3 11:44:00 CST 2002

By putting it right at the start, it sets the cookie fine, but how do I add
the value of $username (from the form on the log in page) to the cookie,
because if I am defining the cookie at the start, $username has no value!
Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here...

dave stevens

> I've run into this before when I just couldn't find anything that was
> outputting to the browser (I thought). Turned out to be an extra line
> at the end of a functions sheet I was include()-ing. Although none of the
> functions were being processed, the line at the end of the sheet that I
> hadn't noticed before was being 'included' as whitespace and thus being
> to the browser before the setcookie() - so beware of sneaky stuff where
> least expect it.
> BH

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