[thelist] PHP help required please

Dave Stevens stem at stemofficial.co.uk
Sun Feb 3 16:05:01 CST 2002

just did the print_r... thing, all it produced was array(), and checking in
my testing browser produced nothing - no cookie seems to have been set.
however, when I set the cookie:
setcookie("LOGININFO", "$username");

I then, immediately afterwards, display the value by echo-ing it:

echo "$LOGININFO";

and this produces the right value.

Dave Stevens

> If you'd prefer not to search through the entire phpinfo() output for
> your variables you could try: print_r ($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS); it'll look
> funny in html, but you should be able to read it fine via your
> browser's 'view source'.
> Also, have you checked in your testing browser that a cookie has been set?

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