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Hello Chris,

Monday, February 04, 2002, 6:54:59 PM, you wrote:

CP> We have a company building a database around MS Access and contacts have
CP> been made with a company called Actinic to create the online shops.

CP> I  have heard some good reports about Coldfusion and I'm trying to figure
CP> out what we'd need, in terms of software, using an Apache server.
don't recommend you to use it. people saying it's unstable enough. don't know
is it true or not because here no one use it, but we had some clients who pay
us  for the moving from CF to the PHP. in other words we have rewritten their
sites  from CF to the PHP and i don't saw anyone who want to move from php to
CF, so.. :)

CP> I figure we'd just need just Coldfusion Studio to create a dynamic site +
CP> something to build a shopping cart.
use PHP+mysql or PHP+postgresql.

CP> Am I making sense? Anyone got any experience with Actinic? (my impression :
CP> it will take too much control) Do you know of any good shopping solutions?
CP> (not a low end solution).
if  you have money then may be better to order custom shop that will fit into
your needs as good as it possible. if you don't then i know that miva offer a
good e-shop. but it require a hoster with the miva server installed.

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