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Mon Feb 4 08:18:00 CST 2002

If I were you, I would do the following:

1. Read available business startup guides.  Here are a couple:
http://www.sbtdc.org/publications/startup.pdf (NC bus Startup Guide)
http://www.sba.gov/starting/indexstartup.html (SBA Guide)

2. Talk with someone from Score. There are quite a few in NC.

3. Talk with friends who have started a business, see if one of them has a
lawyer or accountant friend who will talk with you for _free_.

4. If you don't have your answers by that time, then pay for a lawyer.  If
it is 4 people who want to work together, the most obvious choice would
either be a loose collection of sole proprietors (as was mentioned earlier),
a partnership, or an LLC.  If an LLC, then you'll need a partnership
agreement anyway.  These agreements are very important.

Also, NC has something called BLIO which is the business licensing
information office.  FREE.


>From: "John D Bloise" <jbloise1 at nc.rr.com>
>Why would freelancing be a bad choice in the viewpoint of taxes?

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