[thelist] simple questions

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Mon Feb 4 10:35:01 CST 2002

>     For foreground images, the position: fixed property/value
> combination
> would serve Peter well, except that no current version of IE supports
> it. In
> that case, you need to use scripting to continually reposition the image
> based on the scrolled position of the window -- and I have never seen
> this
> done without resulting in an obvious and annoying stutter (although some
> sites use a somewhat more elegant, gentle "bounce", but I can't come up
> with
> a URL at the moment).

<http://www.mark.ac/help/sticky.html> gives code that makes this work in
a wide range of browsers, using either position:fixed (where supported)
or a smooth javascript routine to "slide" the element. It also degrades
well in browsers with no scripting support. Though it's not designed to
place fixed background images, but a floating menu, you could try it and
see what results you get.

Mark Howells

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