[thelist] A Different POV (was Coding for Standards & Conference Question) - long

Bill Haenel bill at webmarketingworx.com
Mon Feb 4 10:54:01 CST 2002

> Also included in the "does not validate" column are extra information in
> mailto tags, such as "subject".  Also throwing
> errors; additional information in URL links, the "name" attribute
> in forms,
> the occasional "special character", like
> apostrophe's. This was deemed acceptable as long as it was documented. To
> my way of thinking, this should not be
> "acceptable".

Funny thing about ISO 9000 and 9001 - these  systems don't tell you what to
do, they tell you to decide what to do and then stick to it by using
documented procedures. If you change your mind later, document why you did
so and how you'll do it in the future, and oh by the way document how will
document as well.

I asked my friend who's been on ISO committees and stuff (i used to be in
the industrial testing and measurement business, so I have a few friends
like this) to read over the ISO standard that was mentioned here yesterday
and see how it might affect a business pursuing ISO registration. He said

"I read through the ISO std you referred to. The quick answer is no. This
will not effect your ISO 9000 opportunities. Compliance to ISO 9000 just
says something about your quality system. As long as you meet the criteria
for that you can get your registration. This one establishes a technical
standard that is not directive in nature but voluntary. Also no one will
inspect to see that you follow it. It just says that if you follow the
guidelines set forth in this standard your code will be fully compatible
with a specific category of usage. See paragraph 6 for the reasons why it
was developed."

What we need are standards that ARE directive in nature, and that ISO
authorities DO inspect to see if we follow them. That would make a HUGE
difference in how the web standards world works. When bigger corporation
discover that they must comply with certain marketing communication
standards INCLUDING standards for electronic/internet marcom, else lose
their ISO9000/9001 registration, believe me they'll change. And smaller
companies would have to follow.

At that point, we'll all be rich and the web will be a structured place to


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