[thelist] To blog or not to blog

R.Livsey R.Livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 06:40:00 CST 2002

> Hi there evolters!
> I'm toying with the idea of starting a blog. Not because I
> think they're a good way to communicate using this wonderful
> new medium we're all
> working+playing with, but because I have a huge ego and want
> to fill the
> net with my rants and raves... er.. no. Sorry, that came out
> wrong. ;-) Seriously though, I'm thinking of starting a blog
> as a way of teaching myself various techniques and
> technologies. Questions about which OS, which DB, which
> server side technology are going to be left to other people
> because I'm _intending_ to try out doing the same site 2 or 3
> different ways (php, jsp, .NET probably..) as an intro to all
> those technologies. The questions I have are more about
> methodology, data-structure, paradigm...

Take a look at www.cache-22.co.uk. Its got a basic blog system,
articles, comments etc... Uses PHP, mySQL and templates to make it all.
Its evolving over time (as does everything) and more things are being
added/improved but the main thing is that every page has a 'view source'
button so you can look at the PHP source of the page. Figure it would be
a good way
a:for people to learn by example
b:for me to get used to decent comments etc. as I know people will see
the code!


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