[thelist] OUTLOOK 2002 to "on behalf of..."

Oren Levin lists at pinetree.net
Wed Feb 6 08:40:00 CST 2002

Until someone sends a message to thelist and the wwwac... Since I'm signed
for both I get to messages that both claim to be to:thelist and to:wwwac

Personally, I'd rather filter on [thelist] and have offlist replies get
filtered with the list than have 2 high volume lists getting filtered

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-----Original Message-----
> From: Bill Haenel
> Filtering for "[thelist]" in subject or body has worked
> infallibly for me.

until someone replies to you offlist and they leave [thelist] in the subject
or body of the email.  then what?

seriously, filter on the "to:" address "thelist at lists.evolt.org".  works
100% of the time without being too greedy.


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