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Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Wed Feb 6 15:21:01 CST 2002

Thanks, Jeff

It certainly looks a little more straight forward than Macromedia's

One question: what exactly is the difference between putting onLoad into the
Body tag and using Window.onload in a JS script?


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| michael,
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| > From: Michael Galvin
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| > I'm using a JS function to preload certain images
| > (rollovers, mainly) on my page.  AFAIK, it's working
| > correctly - I have no real way of proving it.
| > However, I've noticed that even when I preload, IE looks
| > to be still attempting to load the image from the
| > server, the progress bar appears briefly.  The strange
| > thing is that it happens every time, even after I
| > brought up the rollover image once, move away (so it
| > defaults back) and then go over it again -- the
| > progress bar appears again.  The rollover images are
| > small, ~2k, so I would expect the loading time to be
| > quite quick.
| >
| > Would I be right in assuming that my preloading isn't
| > actually working if this is the case?  What would be
| > the reason for the repeated loading after the rollover
| > has been loaded once?  Is this normal?  We have an ISDN
| > in work, so I'm a little concerned that on a dialup,
| > the user will be sitting there for a few seconds (or
| > more) while the rollover image is loaded.
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| first of all, what are you cache settings in ie?  do you have "every visit
| to the page" checked?  if so, ie won't ever cache rollover images.
| if that's not the case, then the problem is with the overly complicated
| dreamweaver function you're using.  the explanation for why it doesn't
| is long and drawn out.  i won't bore you with it.  instead, i'll point you
| to a script i wrote that i consider to be the simplest preloading script
| available.
| http://members.evolt.org/jeff/code/preload_n_rollover/index.cfm
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