[thelist] legitimacy of tips, thoughts please

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Hi Roger

Given that all tips get archived by evolt's tip harvester, they
won't get lost, and they will be available to a much wider

And I for one would value them - the current client's CMS is
a competitor to MS, but with the next one? Who knows.

Post 'em if you have 'em, I say.

<tip type="easy templating with Zope">
If you're using Zope, you may find it much easier to work with Zope
Page Templates http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/ZPT
than with normal DTML. ZPT are xml-based and work as if they're
XHTML with extra attributes to serve up the content. You can
therefore mock up your page in a visual editor using dummy content,
(which will get replaced on the server), add the extra attributes and
drop it straight into Zope. If you need to later edit the visual, it should
still play nicely with Dreamweaver, Amaya, GoLive or whatever


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ok, we all have our own areas of expertise when it comes to passing on
useful snippets of information in the form of tips, the scope of the
relavance of which is largely dictated by subject, level of expertise etc.

My question is, how legitimate is it to post a tip for which there may be a
very limited (if any) readership?

For instance, in my current work I am increasingly using the Content
Management System Mediasurface, and I'm not sure that anyone else on the
list is. Because I am fairly new to both this software and CMS in general
is fairly easy for me to to make astounding discoveries which make my
experience of working with MS a whole lot easier, but, how relevant is it
for me to post my findings as tips if they are going to be of no use to
anyone else? hmmm

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