[thelist] UK based ecommerce hosted solution

Peter peter at poorbuthappy.com
Fri Feb 8 07:51:01 CST 2002

Thanks for the pointers. I'm thinking I might go with Worldpay (since I've
heard of them before basically, and they seem a solid solution).
I need to tell my client if this is in scope or not of the original
proposal, and also how long it will take as extra work. (the original
website included price calculation and all that, and a request form without
CC that was emailed, so I would only have to add the integration with
worldpay). I'm not sure if it should be in scope or not. I'm charging 2000£
for the whole site, it'll be about a months work (already started). So how
much / how long extra will this CC stuff be, in your experience?

The client is expecting this to be in scope basically, since it's "just a
link to Worldpay". (They are NOT technically ignorants) I have a feeling it
may be too much work to be in scope, or am I wrong, does it really only
take a few hours to set up?

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