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>Other question: I looked at netbanx: they don't seem to accept flexible
>pricing. I want to be able to calculate my own price on my
>website and send
>that to them. Do any of these services allow this?

I'd have thought they all do -- normally the way the system works is that
you pass a minimum of your merchant ID, the transaction amount, and the
order reference to the form on their server. So the amount is entirely up
to you -- you simply calculate the price before passing it.

I've had experience of Secure Trading http://www.securetrading.net/ and
they seem OK. I'm just about to start work on an interface with Secpay --
http://www.secpay.com -- chosen by the client because they are apparently
much cheaper than Secure Trading.

>The client is expecting this to be in scope basically, since it's "just a
>link to Worldpay". (They are NOT technically ignorants) I have a feeling it
>may be too much work to be in scope, or am I wrong, does it really only
>take a few hours to set up?

That depends! If you don't need to do any fancy processing based on the
results of the transaction (updating order files, sending emails etc.) then
it can be a fairly simple job, especially if Worldpay provide samples for
you to work from. Normally it's a matter of creating a form with the
necessary fields, submitting it to a script on the payment processor's
server, and processing the result (e.g. thanks page or payment refused
page). Then you have to allow time for testing.


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