[thelist] "Keywords" searches in IE

Aleem aleem at mindless.com
Fri Feb 8 16:03:00 CST 2002

It would be much easier to offer a simple
website name, which in itself could act as
a keyword. I have never heard of keywords,
other than AOL's widespread use for them.

Quoted from site:
"Keywords are a brand new type of web address, which allow you to
incorporate multiple words and spaces, punctuation, and even special
characters that are truly your company name! Now, customers have easier
alternative to reach your website using your company name"

Personally I find it much harder to remember multiple words with spaces
and especially special characters.
How long before someone else wants to use similiar keywords and the
competition will cut in here too.
You're much better off using a .com address with a catcy name.

Hope this helps.

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> I was asked about purchasing keywords for searching in IE and
> I'm wondering if it's worth it.  My feeling is if you want to
> spend money for SE placement, you're better off trying to get
> higher ranking in search engines or doing pay per clicks.  I
> don't think enough people would even think of typing only
> keywords in into the IE address bar.  Anyone have any
> experience with this or an option?
> (http://www.newyellowpages.net/keywords.htm)
> Thanks, Jennifer
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