[thelist] legitimacy of tips, thoughts please

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Sat Feb 9 12:08:00 CST 2002

Since the list is indexed by google, there is a very good chance that
someone looking for help will stumble on to it. so i say- go for it!
<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes">
Are you wondering why your Hebrew web page displays English backwards in
Mozilla/Netscape 6? A common reason is having two conflicting meta tag that
declare encoding. Make sure that you have only one, that it actually matches
the format of your page (iso-8859-8 for visual Hebrew, windows-1255 for
logical Hebrew)
<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes">
A handy way to capture a webpage for future reference or for archiving
purpose is to use Acrobat's web capture feature, that will convert a web
page to PDF

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From: "Roger Newbrook" <roger.newbrook at kmsoftware.com>

> My question is, how legitimate is it to post a tip for which there may be
> very limited (if any) readership?

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