Spammers' keywords (was Re: [thelist] Toronto Beervolt)

Daniel J. Cody djc at
Mon Feb 11 08:56:00 CST 2002

Sure thing Marc..

From: Postmaster@*
Content-Type: multipart/related
Content-Type: multipart/report
Subject: thelist digest
Subject: virus
Subject: Mail System Error
Subject: Mail System Error*
Subject: urgent
Subject: Hi
Subject: conclusions
Subject: laser
Subject: inkjet
Subject: blow
Subject: my party
Subject: printer ink
Subject: viagra
Subject: celebs
Subject: copy dvd
Subject: money from home
Subject: background check

The subject's that contain any variation of those words are held for
approval, so even if you were to send an email with the Subject of "I
want to copy dvd's of celebs using viagra while i work from home!"

it wouldn't get deleted, just held for manual approval by me, michele,
matt warden or dean mah.(although would be marked off topic ;)

There are also about 100 domains that are held from posting to thelist
as they've been used for spams in the past.

Any other questions, feel free to ask :)


Marc Seyon wrote:
> Message from Michele Foster (2/10/2002 03:56 PM)
>> Several of you have probably noticed a sporadic delay in sending
>> messages to
>> thelist.  Why you ask?  Well, one of the newest reasons is that .djc has
>> implemented some fancy filtering based on subject lines.  Key words
>> used by
>> Spammers, are being filtered against.
> Low priority, but maybe you could share those keywords with us instead of
> leaving it up to the imagination? :-)
> Unless there're THAT many of them...
> -marc

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