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Mon Feb 11 10:19:00 CST 2002

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Oh my, quite a few reasons why not:

1) Paper is usually at least 120 dpi.  Web is often 72/96dpi.  It's
really hard to read on the Web

2) A one page document can be viewed all at once.  A long Web form
scrolls.  This inability to see the entire form all at once makes Web
forms more difficult to fill in

3) Many people are still very nervous about and mistrustful of online
transactions.  Periodic progress through successful submission of
info increases trust in the overall transaction.  It also minimizes
the frustration felt when a peice of data is submitted incorrectly.

4) Breaking up the data makes the over-all programming and validation

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From: "Norman Beresford" <n.beresford at anansi.co.uk>
> I'm just re-jigging the shopping cart side of an online shop app
> I'm putting together.  In it's current form the checkout procedure
> is spread out over a number of pages, verfying the goods, adding
> your address, adding your CC details, verfying the whole order,
> then submission.  But I'm looking at the actual paper order form
> for the shop, and wondering why I don't have the lot on one page?
> Has anyone got suggestions (or URLs to studies etc) either way?

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