[thelist] Naming Conventions [was: Documentation]

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Mon Feb 11 10:53:01 CST 2002

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From: "Simon Dell" <simondl at epic.co.uk>
>  The books recommended
> using this convention, partly as good practice and partly because the
> Microsoft programmers themselves were supposed to use it to. I don't know
> any MS employees so i couldn't ask them.

Well you know one, at least.
Or maybe I should say an alumni, since I left MS in 1998.

Yes, the notation was enforced, at least in the groups I belonged to. Not
only that, but when passing variables to a function, the variables had to be
noted as "Input", "Output" or "I/O"

function thisisademo( strIdisplaystring, strIOtotal, strOgreetings)

this would denotate that the function was receiving "strIdisplaystring" and
not doing any change to it, it would also receive strIOtotal *and* would
modify it, and it returns strOgreetings which the caller hadn't supplied but
would use after the call to the function.
Very handy notation when in a big group of developpers.


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