[thelist] site test using IE 4.5 on a mac

Craig Saila crsaila at yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 11 12:37:00 CST 2002

Roger Newbrook wrote:
> i inherited the design of this site form a partner, so no comments re design
> please, I have been alerted to the fact that the site is not displaying
> correctly IE 4.5 on a mac (pics showing but no text). I have no way of

Could get you screen shots, but what is happening is that the text with
the class mainBody is displaying as white. It appears, but blends into
the background. My guess is this is because mainBody has no colour
declaration, while mainBodyWhite does.

Hope this helps.

Craig Saila
craig at saila.com  :  http://www.saila.com/

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