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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Mon Feb 11 13:01:01 CST 2002

On 12:57 PM 2/11/2002, Mark Howells said to me:
> > What's your favorite FTP client and why?
> >
> > Seems like I'm constantly wishing I could do something that I can't, or
> that
> > it would behave differently than it does. I'm sure many of us here
> spend our
> > whole lives FTPing, so what do you like to use?
>Mac OS9 - Vicomsoft FTP client
>Mac OSX - Fetch
>Windows - WSFTP

I used Fetch for the longest time, but never liked the interface much to
begin with.

Then I found Transmit by Panic:

This is just an awesome FTP client (available for 9 and X).  It seems to be
designed more for web usage than for traditional FTP usage (side-by-side
local and remote panes, file synchronization, etc.).

Oh, and, for Windows, I would go with WS FTP, too.


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