[thelist] OT: Email forwarding service recommendations (long term + free)

Aleem aleem at mindless.com
Mon Feb 11 14:52:01 CST 2002

Thanks for the suggestions Michael. I completely overlooked evolt.org as
an option... one worth considering :)

- aleem

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> The service I have been using for the last 6 years is hotpop.
>  They offer either a pop or forwarding account and also a
> range of domains.  They also allow you tp switch the type of
> account (pop / forwarding) at any time.
> This, combined with the ability to farward to more than one
> account (i use a second account as an archive for all my mail
> and also to make sure that all my mail is getting through on
> my main freebie pop account.
> If all else fails, you can't go past evolt. :)
> >MyRealBox.com
> >Offers forwarding, pop, and imap
> >Downside: systematically blocks all mail coming from
> Yahoogroups so you
> >can't use it for the yahoogroups mailing list
> >
> I have seen this option on one of my other accounts that I
> have with gmx.net.  They have the option of blocking all
> hotmail / yahoo mail that arrives from a source other than
> the original servers.  This means that spammers that are
> using hotmail addresses but not the hotmail server can't get through.
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> >From: "Aleem" <aleem at mindless.com>
> >
> > > Hi, I need to get some valued suggestions on free email
> forwarding
> > > service that are reliable and in your opinion will not start
> > > charging. Most importantly, however, they should not go out of
> > > service for many, many years to come (pop or imap access
> would be an
> > > added plus)
> >
> <tip author="Michael Pemberton" type="Email Transfer">
> For those out there who may be one of a group/family who use
> the same PC for internet access, here's a great way to get
> everyone's email working together.
> There are a range of useful mail servers out there that allow
> you to run your own accounts locally and also pull in mail
> from external accounts.
> You can congifure the server to transfer mail regardless of
> who is actually logged on to the machine.  This way you can
> have your email sent / downloaded for you without having to
> be the person using the PC. </tip>
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