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Micah R. Condon micahc at webdezyne.com
Mon Feb 11 15:51:22 CST 2002

I think you're right on this one; they certainly can be useful, but I've
only used them on very advanced scripts that were more like real
applications than just usual website scripts.

So, for most web developers, most of the time, they're not necessary.  When
they are necessary, it would require another article to cover them properly

Micah R. Condon, Owner
Webdezyne, Inc.

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Subject: Event capturing and bubbling

Hello all,

I'm currently writing an article about event handling and naturally I have
to say something about event capturing and event bubbling.

Now I'm wondering if capturing and bubbling are very important in practice.
At the moment I think that a web developer's main worry is to turn both
capturing and bubbling off, that it's simply not used in practical
day-to-day event handling scripts.

Therefore I'd like to know if anyone knows of a good *practical* example
script where capturing and/or bubbling is used (no tutorials, just a script
that does something useful on a website). Personally I can't think of a good
implementation, but if anyone can prove me wrong, please do.



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