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> I'm surprised no one has mentioned CuteFTP Pro yet. It's a little
> expensive, but for me it's been the most comfortable client I've tried.
> Version 1 was a little buggy, but 2.0 is quite nice. Check it out at:
> http://www.cuteftp.com/products/cuteftppro/index.shtml
> -Matt

CoffeeCup Free FTP!

It's not the least bit buggy with "any" version of Windows, the user
interface appears as Windows Explorer...left pane is local HD...right pane
is server files....

It is free, courtesy of CoffeeCup Software ladies and gentlemen, and may be
freely downloaded from tucows.com...more specifically, from...


and select the CoffeeCup Free FTP 1.0 download.

You should visit Nicks website here...


BTW, right clicking on any file or folder with CoffeeCup Free FTP, allows
you to set permissions on  them.


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