[thelist] Custom browser toolbars

profjj thelist at cbizz.net
Mon Feb 11 20:03:01 CST 2002

See if this works.


:I thought I saw it on this list a while back, but cant seem to find it
:Does anyone know the site that has the code for custom toolbars etc in
:It removes the toolbars completely and makes some in dhtml or something
:(memory is a little sketchy!). Think it inviolved putting it in kiosk
:mode and then resizing it back down..
:Anyway, the url would be great :o)
:<tip author="R.Livsey" type="Coding Security">
:Never use a variable straight from user input without some sort of
:validation, always check its value or use the value to get something
:else to make sure that malicious users cant do anything nasty! This
:applies especially if you are dealing with databases and directories.

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