[thelist] ringtone websites

kris burford [midtempo] kris at midtempo.net
Tue Feb 12 01:29:00 CST 2002

>I'm interested in making a website where people can choose ringtones and
>have them sent to their phone. The part I'm confused about is how to store
>and send the ringtone. I don't know if anyone here has had experience with
>this or might know of a good resource.

hi sarah,

we did this about four months ago. we used a database (mysql in this case)
to store: track, artist, categories and audio file name and uploaded the
actual audio files to a folder on the server. this means your database
doesn't have to deal with large chunks of binary objects (the audio files).

there are a couple of scripts which look like you could use on hotscripts:


oh, and if you're playing with asp, there is a couple of good building
blocks here:




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